Double Sided, Alphabet, Fine Motor Busy Boards

Double Sided, Alphabet, Fine Motor Busy Boards


Our double sided, alphabet, fine motor busy boards is designed to encourage fine motor skills while also being lots of fun. Your Tiny Treasure will be able to explore challenges, different tasks and textures, tie a bow, do up buttons and zips and much more. 


It is light and portable which makes them perfect for travel and to use at home. They come in their very own zip lock cases which makes them easy to store. 


It also comes with it's own attachement making it easy to hang on different things and carry around. 


Key Skills: 

- Creative play

- Problem solving

- Develop fine motor skills

- Develop concentration and creative thinking

- Hand eye-co-ordination


Suitable for ages 2+


For your child's health and safety we recommend always using our products with adult supervision. Ensure you check your product before each use & discard at any sign of damage or loosening.